My Mocha Club desk.

I don’t know if this is a new series I’m starting or if I’m just completely weird, but ever since I wrote about my writing table a few weeks ago, I’ve wanted to show you my desk at Mocha Club as well.

1. The desk itself- a folding table. Impressivo, eh? But listen, in the economy we live in, I’m just thrilled to have a job that I absolutely love. So if they said, “hey, sit here under the sink and work” I’d probably say okay. Or, I’d say, “that’s kinda weird- can I just sit on the floor of the conference room?”

2. Me old laptoppy. I have a goal to purchase a new one in 2011. Since, you know, I’ve had this one for over 3 years and it has my paw prints all over it and about as much memory as a nursing home bingo player.

3.  Paper cup. I left my water bottle at home today and barf. I’m having to drink out of one of those cups that gets soggy and squishy and waxy.

4. A super cool painting that my sister Sally did. It’s Africa. [Since I work at Mocha Club and all, I found it to be apropos.] I stole it from her bedroom at home. Sorry bout it.

5. A cool book from my friend Ishita who runs the Fear.Less online magazine. I read a bit of this book everyday.

6. Sticky notes. Because they are cute and funny. [I just wrote that and then realized that I have no idea what makes sticky notes funny, but I wrote it. So. Maybe it’s true.]

7. A picture with some of my very bestest friends when we were in Chicago last August. It was one of the greatest trips I’ve taken- full of laughs and relaxation and all around awesome.

8. A little motivation from my friend Seth Godin. I promise it doesn’t mean what you think it does. It’s symbolic and it means a whole lot more.

9. My accountability group. They are always watching. So I better behave.

10. Piles. Because, as you know, I am a big fan of piles.

Hey- if you get the hankering to photograph a table/desk/counter top and label it and tell us about it on your blog, link to it in the comments. I think seeing your world would be pretty fascinating.


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Let's be friends!

Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter. It’s all things fun with Annie.