My morning.

So a group of girls loaded up about 2:30pm yesterday and we went to Knoxville for a concert. Ingrid Michaelson. Mat Kearney. Some of our best friends in the crew. All together awesome.

And a 3 hour drive.

I got home about 2am.

And…. here’s where things get hilarious….

I’m up at the YMCA at 6:45am.

Not to work out.

But because there is a BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS at 6:45am and 9:15am and guess what? I’m one of the speakers.

There are 10 of us talking about why we love the YMCA. And I do love the YMCA. But the pain of four hours of sleep. It hurts, y’all. It hurts.

I’m excited to talk for two minutes about why the YMCA is awesome, why I love water aerobics, why I love going to a gym where all my friends go. [I’m lucky my people love me even when they see me at the gym- wowsa I’m a sweaty girl.]

I’m also excited to wake up really early and be in a room full of people I don’t know talking about losing weight.

I think I just heard God laugh.

– – – – – – – – – –

Here’s the Holy Week reading for today. Ugh… how great was yesterday?


The plot against Jesus

What’s been amazing to me this week is to see how all the people have been amazed at what Jesus said, all on His side, even to the point that the Pharisees are quieted. And then today, everything changes. And by Friday, those same people who are hanging on His every word on Monday are the same ones yelling for His death.

And I wondered yesterday, if I was me, 29 year old Annie, in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus, would I have listened to Him? Would I have seen Him pass me on the street and wonder who He is? Would I recognize Him as the one who rode in on a donkey a few days ago?

Would I have wanted Him to die?

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