2010: the year of pretty.

And I’m kicking it off right here on ye old blog.

Check. Out. The. New. Header.

Isn’t it the cutest little thing you have ever seen? And the bird? I can’t quit loving that little bird. Shall we name him?

And ohhh… the blue. I love the blue. It feels old and French or something ridiculous like that.

Sigh….. let’s just stare, shall we?

[By the way, I’m not paid to say this stuff. I’m just SUPER happy with the folks who keep this blog-train on it’s tracks. So know that as you continue to read…. cause it gets fun right down here.]

I could not be more thrilled with Vanessa at ButterflySparks Designs.

And GET THIS. The girl is giving you a discount.

You get 15% off any blog designs or invitations you order from her anytime in January!!

All you have to do is email her at vanessa [at] butterflysparks [dot] com and say, “I’m an AnnieBlogs reader!” and you will get 15% off.

Cool, right?

It doesn’t stop there, y’all.

The real conductor of AnnieBlogs.com is Lauren from WebExHosting.com. Seriously. She speaks a blog language that I do not know and every time I break this place [I do it more than you would believe], she fixes it. She’s the blog-hostess with the mostest.

So, if you are looking for a host for your blog, Lauren is offering 10% off the hosting fee for any payment term. Just use the discount code: AnnieBlogs

[It feels special to have my own name as a discount code. Just don’t try it at Amazon or Gap or anything. YET.]

I think I’m going to have to go buy a new dress or something to keep up with the fine looks of AnnieBlogs.

Hope you love the discounts! Yay!

(Anyone got a good bird name for us?)

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