Annie in your inbox.

Not literally. [That would be weird and scientifically impossible. But mainly weird.]

But by the magic of modern technology, I can do it. Sorta.

As you know, I blog five or so times a week. I tweet five or so times a day.

And yet somehow I still have more to say.

And more music to share. And recipes. And thoughts. And jokes. [I love jokes.]

And I’m trying to be a “real” author and people say that “real” authors send newsletters. [And they have books in stores, I know. I’m working on it. Sheesh.]

So, click this button and sign up. The first one will be the July edition, which means sometimes on or before July 31.


There will be some freebies, by the way, only offered to newsletter folks. Not that I’m bribing you, I’m just saying.

[By the way, how well do you respond to bribes? Just good info to have for future reference.]

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