Nothing Fancy

Hey laaa-dieees! Here we are , ready to rock the night away in our seats. Listen, not a one of us is 18 years old . It is the opposite of appealing to stand in a sardine-like state for 3 hours and try to enjoy the music. No sir-ee. We would rather just take our seats (which were awesome) and listen. And laugh. And sing too loudly when requested by the artists [TATUM].Picture this- about 1/2 way through the show, I look to my left and see Heather nodding off. “Cute and tragic”, I think. It’s a set of slow songs, we’re hard workin’ women, I sympathize. But as I lean forward, I notice that not only is H snoozle-ing, so is Caroline and Amy! Gracious. Here’s what I know about us- you and your rock band aren’t going to keep us from getting a little shut eye, so don’t even try.

Now, as you know, my camera breathed it’s last jpeg at the lakehouse. So I’m having to use Mama’s old one. And it is not …. how do you say … the “best” at photographing or videoing.

But I really wanted to capture this song. I told the girls last night that Dave Barnes’ humor is what got me listening in the first place- he’s funny as crap. See photo on right of dancing. The man is not right. And that’s about the highest compliment I can pay someone. I want to be friends with him so bad it’s ridiculous.

But this song is what kept me around. Again, forgive the camera work.

We really had so much fun. Barnes and Wertz put on a great show. In fact, so great, that KTB and I are seeing it again at the end of November in Chattanooga. [real reason: Katie B missed the ATL show because she is throwing down in Las Vegas for her 21st. She asked me to tag along to see them in TN and who am I to deny her what she wants?]

Here’s a shot of them together. Wertz on the left, Barnes on the right.

Now, I love Wertz. Don’t get me wrong. But tell me if this equation doesn’t seem true. (Again, camera performs at a C- level, so it may not be quite as evident on film as it was in person)

Oddly tight jeans + WIDE belt + long john shirt (too tight x tucked in) + unbuttoned too far + white keds + weird hair part = He lost a bet? Surely.

And I only say this because I’ve seen better outfits from him. This looks like an inside joke that someone is laughing heartily at somewhere in the USA. That’s my unprofessional opinion, and Heather disagreed saying he was crunk, I believe was her term. I’ll be able to confirm/deny said opinion after November 30th.

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