Once Upon A Time.



Are any of y’all watching this show?

Or Once Upon A Time in Wonderland?


I’m obsessed with both.

Here’s why:

The characters are familiar to me [us] because they are fairy tale characters, for the most part. Except Emma and Henry. But whatever. And so because they are familiar, you have a full story of them in your head, but then the writers go back into each character’s personal story and it’s amazing writing.

Peter Pan is a bad guy. That’s pretty interesting.

The weaving of storyline and characters is fascinating to me- Rumpelstiltskin in love with Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Jaffar from Aladdin working with the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland? Jiminy Cricket being everyone’s favorite counselor? Yes and yes. It’s so fun.

The scenery is gorgeous.

The costumes are so colorful and creative.

I’m a major sucker for fantasy-type stories like this, especially when I’m looking for a quick 45 minute escape from real life.

So yes. I’m a big big fan.

. . . . .

Your thoughts?

Do you watch it? 

Do you like it? 

What do you think?


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