One day more.

I started to quote the rest of that lyric from “Les Miserables”, but it gets pretty violent, actually. Apparently I don’t mind singing them, but when I write it out, it’s a bit stronger. [that’s a whole blog in itself] And something tells me that the FBI would get some sort of red blinking light at the doorway of their “Blog-Stalking” office if I quoted lyrics involving a revolution and blood.

I can’t believe that we only have one more day of NaBloPoMo. It has flown by like a mudslide. Like the end of a mudslide. When it just sorta crawls.

I went today to pick up my police report from the accident. It made me feel yucky how many times they used the word “impacted”. Eww.

We are sitting in class right now. Those of us who even have a drop of technological knowledge are done with all our assignments. Yet here we sit. Because some people aren’t sure what “DOWNLOAD” means. Or “MOUSE”.

I’m getting my new camera tomorrow. Booyah!! So when I get to see Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz again in Chattanooga tomorrow night, the pics should be rad. If they aren’t, we’ll know it was an operator problem, won’t we?

Ok, my friend just peaced out of class. What a disgrace. I’ve made a point of being the FIRST one out each night. Shameful.

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