Operation Green Thumb.

img_0309First, because I know you’ve been uber-concerned all weekend, I ended up taking Oreo cupcakes to the party. MUCH easier and MUCH tastier. Some of the recipes in the comments look delicious, so I will be trying them. And don’t you worry, I’m trying those homemade Oreos again. Annie ain’t no quitta. I will make these again and they will be good, darn it. You’ll see.

On to more successful ventures.

I’ve had these two handing pots outside my house since we moved in February. Obviously, that was not the right time to repot them. And, I’m not sure we’ve ever discussed this, but I am NOT GOOD WITH PLANTS.

At all.

I kill them. Easily. And on accident. Every time.

So I’ve been hesitant. But my friend Annie [from here on out refered to as “other Annie” for your sake] has quite the green thumb and I decided that not only did I want to repot these hanging baskets, I wanted to learn about the process.

So I took my sad hanging plants to other Annie’s house…..


And we went to Home Depot to buy these…..


Then we went back to other Annie’s house to do this….


And after much blood sweat and tears, we had removed all the old yuck and replaced it with beautiful new flowers and viney-thingies and fern kinda lookin’ guys and some tall ones in the back. [My plant vocab is very refined.]


Then other Annie sent me packing with the plants, a bucket, and some fertilizer. Now the pressure is on to keep them hydrated, fed, and alive.


Why does Nanny McAnnie have far more success in these three ventures than Farmer McAnnie? I always keep the kids hydrated, fed, and alive. Plants, on the other hand, not so much.

But we’re on day 5 and all but one little section of the one hanging plant seems to be doing great. Of course, I’ve been late everywhere because I always forget to add in an extra 10 minutes to water. I also woke up this morning and thought, “Oh man I gotta go water those plants. It’s sunny today.” And that may be a little TOO cognizant of said plants’ needs.

Or maybe Farmer McAnnie is actually going to pull it off this time.

I can’t wait to see the hanging plants in six more weeks- when the dirt has settled and the roots have grown deep into their new home, when the flowers are just comfortable enough in their environment to bloom something miraculous for me to see.

Six weeks should be about enough time. Right around August 1. Right around my one year anniversary in Nashville.

Hmmm. That will be quite a process.

This has been quite a process.

See you tomorrow…..


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