Orange is my favorite flavor.

And I’m in Orange, California. So that’s neat.

It’s been super fun so far- I’m at Sarah’s house, hanging with her and her family until we both head to the Writer’s Conference tomorrow. [And believe you me, you’ll get the prayer laundry list tomorrow. Cause it’s a list. For realz.]

Yesterday, I flew through Atlanta which was a bit of a strange “I’m home but not really” sensation, especially since I literally had to speed walk from plane A to plane B and still almost missed it. So I think I was I in the state of Georgia for approximately 26 minutes.

zqa2xx – Sarah’s daugher Naomi just typed that for you and she said “that spells Annie”.  Well, sorta.

Anyways, so we’re headed today to see all around Orange before we get leave the house at FIVE IN THE MORNING tomorrow to head to San Jose. Yeah, FIVE IN THE MORNING. Good graciousmnhsnamnbvcccccc (that was Naomi again- she finds 5am to be a bit early as well.)

macbook – ok, now that’s pretty smart because Naomi (only 3 years old) looked at the screen, typed that word, then said, “Look, I typed computer”. Somebody call the Prodigy Identification Committee.

This is a great way to start my trip. Staying with a family I love and blogging with a 3 year old. Booyah. Oh, hang on. Naomi has something else to say.

mklop bnhjkio9875eq12345zxcvbbmmnbbmnbvcxxz


Yeah, she thinks she’s really funny.

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