Peace up. A-town down.

As previously mentioned in the “serious” blog, I went to the Hawks game last night. Now, as much as the Hawks are awful, and they are, I still feel sorry for them that no one shows up for the games! The only sections that were even REMOTELY full were where we were- in the free section- filled with students of all ages. Thank you, Woodstock Elementary, for the tickets.

I seriously think the Hawks should leave ATL for a while- teach these folks a lesson in appreciation. You know the old saying about how absence makes the heart grow fonder? Someone needs to tell President Hawk that.

The game was mildy entertaining, but afterward the concert by Young Jeezy (a rapper, for those who need a little help) was QUITE entertaining. Young Jeezy, a local Atlantan- and I quote “I’m the young jizzle from the bottom of the map”, had a total of ten men assisting him in his performance last night. And a crowd of a couple of thousand black folks and 5 white kids to hang around and watch.
It was worth stopping dancing to pull out my camera. Yes, I was dancing. The beats were fresh and I was feelin it, yo. (Sad, isn’t it?)
Here’s the view from our seats. Only half of the posse was out at this point.

And here is a picture of the crowd around us. Yes, that IS a drumline in front of us- we somehow were lucky enough to be in the same section as a drumline. “Loud” doesn’t even begin to describe the volume. What I didn’t get in the shot was the Carlton like character just to the right, wearing glasses and a sweater vest and all, singing every lyric and throwing up gang signs like nobody’s business. I was amazed.

And here we are. I know it looks like Mac is shooting a bird, but that’s just how he dances. There were multiple cat calls in his direction saying things such as, “Go white boy!” and “Sit down!”, etc. You get the point. We thought we were being cool wearing Santa hats that we purchased until we noticed that everyone else had them with Hawks logos on them that they received for free. Grrr.. that’s what you get for trying to be cute. I think we accomplished it anyways. April is on the left, Aaryn in the middle, then me. You know. Good time was had by all. Except the Hawks… and the real Hawk fans who paid for their tickets. But Young Jeezy has earned 5 new fans. There are a couple more songs I would like to quote for you, but I’ve been trying to find lyrics online so that I copy them correctly, but let’s just say it’s not going so well. I was going to make a joke about reppin’ my hood, but I’m not even 100% sure what that means, so we’ll just go ahead and call it a night. Okay? Peace up. A-town down. (That’s what Jeezy said a lot, and I think it fits here.)

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