Perfect day for a GIVEAWAY!!


It’s a big day.

So, singer/songwriter Tara Leigh Cobble is one of my favs. I love her music, her voice, and her lyrics [you know I’m a sucker for good lyrics]. I started reading her blog a few months ago. And I loved it. Oh blogs, you are so wonderful.

I ordered her first book, Here’s to Hindsight: Letters To My Former Self, and I literally read it in a day. Which is rare for me because, though I love to read, I don’t like when I read a book in one sitting. It’s the Scrooge in me… books that I buy should last for more hours than the amount of dollars I paid. It’s a math equation.

Except when the writing is phenomenal. Real. Honest. Raw. Beautiful. Hilarious. Godly.

Because then the book is worth every penny. And more.

As if that one book wasn’t enough awesome (it could have been, it was that good), she comes out with a NEW BOOK! Ahhh…… Crowded Skies: Letters to Manhattan, welcome to my life.

This book is a collection of essays surrounding Tara Leigh’s decision to leave Nashville and move to New York City. And entire book about being brave, finding God in the everydayness of life, making friends, and trusting Him with everything. I love the flow of the book- starting with the decision and then continuing as she settles down in a new city. It’s beautifully written, honest to the point of “are you sure you meant to write that?”, and it makes me love and trust God more.

It’s like my literary utopia – a great singer/songwriter who writes really good books about stepping towards her dreams.

So in all my excitement, I made the obvious choice. I emailed her. [What? Did you forget that I’m shameless and apparently not real concerned about looking cool?]

And because Tara Leigh is AWESOME, she emailed me back and then put a little package in the mail direct from NYC to ATL.

Now I have THIS- an AUTOGRAPHED COPY of her new book! Specifically for one of you!!

I’m telling you, you want to read this book. And seriously, I’ve been SO anticipating this- I want ALL of you to read all her stuff. Blogs. Books. Lyrics. Journal. [Ok, don’t read her journal. That’s not polite.]

So, before we continue, if you do not win, then GO HERE to order her books and CDs. Listen, I have NEVER led you astray before, I’m not going to start now. Remember I contacted HER because I wanted YOU to get this.


In order to win, you must leave a comment in this post. And please leave a way for me to contact you- but DON’T JUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. I don’t want this to be a spammer’s paradise.

Leave your address like this: spamstinks [at] yahoo [dot] com. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’ll figure out how to contact you if you win.

The comments will close on Wednesday morning at 8am. Then a random number generator will pick the winner. And the rest of you will ORDER ONE (or ten) HERE.

Thanks, Tara Leigh, for making this possible!!

Best of luck, bloggites! I hope you win. Seriously. I’ve got my fingers crossed for ya!

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