Ok, listen, I have a lot to do. Namely fold 3 loads of laundry that have doubled as my covers the last couple of nights. Don’t ask.

But I have got to express my utmost disappointment at the most recent Atlanta Falcons development- that being the 2007 SEASON.

Poor Keith Brooking. Bless his heart.

And now, Petrino decides to leave with 3 weeks left in the season? 2 of the games are away games? Are you kidding me?!? What in the WORLD kind of head coach walks out with 20 some odd days left in the season? Seriously. You couldn’t hang on for 20 more days? Really.

As if that wasn’t enough, do you know how the players found out? THE SAME WAY I DID. From the media. That’s rude. Watch the video on Fox 5 Atlanta here.

I don’t rant often. I have to feel passionate. Like about my camera. But I’ll rant about this. For being such a great sport city, for having good quality players (the ones who aren’t in jail, that is), for having awesome facilities, and for having sucker fans like me who still watch every game with some inkling of hope that we won’t look like crap- we sure do have a terrible NFL franchise. And a coach who decides that his commitment to ATL means as much to him as the gum on my shoe.

Good riddance. You weren’t exactly “succeeding” or “winning” anyways. I hope Arkansas pays you by the game. At least we’d have saved some money that way.

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