Photos of the funny man.

So here they are. I’ve high-jacked a camera plug for my computer, so I was able to download all the pictures. For starters, here’s the pamphlet.

And Tom’s main page. I wish I had Tatum’s copy- her’s is autographed. By “Tom Downs BTC FM”. For you amateurs, that’s “Tom Downs Big Tom Callahan Funny Man”.

Here’s Daddy coming onto the stage. Making his entrance. This wasn’t the funny part. It was the part where I was sweating from every pore in my body and hoping beyond all hope that a) people laugh at Dad’s jokes and b) that Dad doesn’t say anything LIKE the dirty jokes that another guy made. I shiver in disgust just recalling it.

Before he came on, Molly screamed “YEAH TOM DOWNS!”. We all began to cheer and yell like it was a scream-o-meter that judged him. Once the crowd regained control, the host said, “Sounds to me like Tom Downs is the Justin Timberlake of the accounting world.” He’s bringing sexy calculations back, I guess. Eww.
Here’s Daddy doing his bit on the senior tour of Nascar. Good one, Dad. Good one. He looks so calm. He was. Comedians are calm AND hilarious. And Dad has great timing- he inserted comedic pauses in only the most appropriate places.
And here’s Daddy accepting his second place award. SECOND PLACE. That’s amazing. Good ole Johnny, there on the left, is singing his heart out. Look how the other comedians are cheering. I’m pretty sure Dad was Ms. Congeniality. He was the crowd favorite, for sure.And here he is giving autographs. Rock star. That’s his “I can’t believe this is really happening” face. Here he is surrounded by about 1/8 of the Tom Downs crowd. Possibly the most amazing thing about this event, besides Dad’s comedy domination, was the group of people who came that love him and our family. If you were there, you truly have no idea how much it meant to all the Downs family that you took a night out of your week to support him. Us. Thank you.And here is the family. From left to right, Annie (your blog-ista), sister Sally, sassy-coated Mama, sweet cousin Jake, BTC FM, sister Tatum. And that beautiful piece of foam board proclaiming what may be the highlight of 2007. Right before this photo, the MC began talking to Tatum and I. He complimented Dad for about five minutes, talking about how hard he worked and what a “sweetheart” he was. How he had worked harder than any other person and how proud he was of Dad.

And when we took this picture, I thought about how proud I was of Dad for winning second place. But I also thought about how proud I am to be able to call him Daddy. He puts his whole heart into everything he does. 100%. And my life is wonderful because of how hard he works and how he loves us and how committed he is to our family. I’m lucky and I know it.

Way to go, Daddy.

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