Poor Ben: A Bachelorette discussion.

I think I have given you all ample time to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette. As in, I don’t even live in America right now and I’ve already been able to watch it.

So this post will continue on discussing all things Bachelorette. If you haven’t seen the finale [or if you don’t care at all], you may want to move on to your next internet destination.  Because seriously, if you don’t speak Bachelorese, the rest of this post is going to be a foreign language.

You’ve been warned.

I’m not sure we’ve even properly discussed Ashley being chosen as The Bachelorette. I’ll be honest, our crew of Bach-watchers were not overly thrilled. Ashley’s insecurities during Brad’s season were a little much and I could not imagine an entire season of that biz-nass. But, luckily, she pulled it together a bit more this time around and it made for decent television.

Bentley. All I’m going to say is that his plan to be the bad boy succeeded but most likely caused him to be excommunicated from his town and the name “Bentley” will probably drop in popularity significantly for the 3-5 years. I feel sorry for him, but only to the extent of, “I bet he didn’t think he would be hated THIS much.” But if we ever need an example of “here is the type of dude you do NOT want,” we’ve got it.

He behaved horribly and I can’t wait until someone offers him enough money that he decides to do an interview. [Which, BTW, how did he get out of being on Men Tell All? I thought that was a contractual agreement? I should ask Ally McBeal.]

We don’t even have time to discuss the dude who got drunk and passed out on the first night, Jeff and his mask, William and his TERRIBLE sense of humor [and his job as a cell phone salesman], Wes and his family issues, creepily happy Ryan, etc. The crew of guys did not disappoint in the freakazoid category.

Fast forward to the finale.

Ben vs. JP.

I was always a JP fan. I think he’s a solid dude and ever since he had the date the night of Bentley’s exit, I hoped it would be him. And through the season, he seemed to be the one who was most solid. When he met her family? All that jazz with Ashley’s sister? That was ridiculous. I think the sis wants to be famous and wanted to cause a scene and boy howdy did she do it. Not impressed.

Poor Ben. Am I right? I mean, kudos to him for being honest and vulnerable and going with his heart. But the amount of proclamations he did during the interviews… I just felt terrible for him. “We’re adding to the family today” and stuff of that nature? I mean, bless him.

But gracious, when we knew he was getting the boot but he interrupted Ashley and proposed? Ouch x a million = I couldn’t look away and I just wanted it to be over for his sake.

You know, in reality, I envy Ben. I envy the way he lived in hope. Sure, he ended up losing and probably feeling dumb, but bravo to him for being honest with his feelings and his heart.

JP winning in the end was great. I loved their proposal. I think she feels safe and cared for by him- maybe it’s his age or his settled place in life. But I don’t think Ashley was looking to start the adventure with Ben. I think she wanted to step into the adult life of JP.

I know the odds are against them, but I do hope they make it.

[I totally borrowed this from ABC- I promise I didn’t take the time to make it myself. It is sorta hilarious, no?]

[And big hugs to the Bach-watchers back in Nashville. I miss you like whoa.]

What were your thoughts on this season?

Who was your favorite bachelor? [Mine was Ryan M.]

Who do you think will be the next Bachelor?

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