Positive Post Tuesday.

In which I thank a group of people who do not read my blog.

At every turn, every chance I get, I thank my Nashville friends. I try not to be creepy, or thank them so profusely that they think I:
A. have a crush on them or
B. am obviously friendless and now they know why or
C. am a kiss up.

But, see, they don’t know. They don’t know what I know. They don’t know that they are representing Jesus to me. And doing it well. They don’t know that their kind text messages (or hugs or emails or dessert sharing) breathe life into a dream that tries to choke on fear and die every single day.

And most of them don’t know I have a blog, so this is not for their benefit. [Just FYI- I’m not a kiss up.] I’m telling you, as sure as I am sitting here [and I am], God has handed me friends that make me feel like Nashville isn’t the big bully who sits in the last row on the bus, snarling in my direction, just waiting on me to be the last kid left. To devour me. Alone.

Instead, it’s a place where I kinda have a couple of friends.

There was a night in February where tears had been plentiful and these exact words had come out of my mouth- “God, I’m never going to have any friends in Nashville.”

[To say I’m dramatic may be a wee bit of an understatement. At least I do life with flair.]

On that night, I got an email. It said, “Sammy Nashville [not his real name] says you are one of his friends. Me too!” Moments before, I had cried huge Georgia shaped tears and here someone from Nashville had called me his “friend”. It was a gift.

Another friend picked me up on Friday night and drove me around Nashville just to see the area. She is a gift.

Another friend texted just to see how Saturday house hunting was going. She is a gift.

Another friend is spending his time this week trying to find me a condo. He is a gift.

Another friend spent his Sunday afternoon showing my Dad that the area around a certain house is safe. He is a gift.

I think I just needed an outlet to thank them. To thank Him. Because I am not unaware of the gifts or the Giver. When I write a book about God moving me to a new city and providing everything I need, I will include them. And I will get permission and use their names. Or you will read a lot about “Sammy Nashville” and “Cindy New City”.

They have played a part in one life, my life, being lived better for God.

So thank you.

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