Positive Post Tuesday

Welcome to Positive Post Tuesday. This is a regular thing over at Brody’s blog, but he’s a giver, so he’s passing it around.  [And apparently that makes me a taker.  Whoopsie daisy.]quilt_kathleen

Speaking of givers, I’ve got one to talk about today.  My friend Kathleen.  You know her- she helped me make a quilt.

Let me tell you about Kathleen.  She has known me since I was 12 and loved me the whole way through.  Even during the my awkward middle school and my [sadly] equally awkward high school.  She supported me via phone and email in college and when I moved back to ATL, hanging with Kathleen and family was a top priority.

She gets me.  She knows me.  She has stuck through a lot with me.  She started out as our middle school small group leader and has morphed into one of my best friends.  Kathleen knows almost everything about me, even the embarrassing thoughts and ridiculous ideas and top hilarious secrets. She totally cracks me up, knows how to make marshmallows from scratch, and lets me hang out at her house pretty much whenever I want for as long as I want.

Kathleen only yelled at me once.  She’s naturally pretty shy and getting her to raise her voice is quite a feat. So I’ll tell you about it.  It was the summer before my senior year of high school and we were all sitting on bunk beds at church camp.  I was in a bad place personally- really discouraged and defeated.  I remember saying outloud, “I’m just too ugly”.  Out of nowhere- quiet Kathleen began to YELL at me in a VERY angry voice, “That is a LIE!  You are BEAUTIFUL!  You STOP believing that RIGHT NOW!” and she went on and on.  Uncomfortably long.  Awkwardly loud and direct.  In my mind, I even remember seeing her arms flailing and her fists slamming on the mattress.

No one, NO ONE, had ever seen her this mad, especially not towards one of us.  And in that moment- her face, her tone, her volume- it changed my life forever.

Now that we are both adults [uh, am I an adult?], I truly love her and consider her one of my dearest friends.  I don’t know that I’ve ever taken enough time or space to thank Kathleen for loving me well all these years and for letting me become a member of her family.  So here you go, Kathleen.  What could a deeply shy person want more than a public blog post of thanks?

Yeah, you’re welcome Kathleen.  You can beat me later.

Now for all you bloggers out there- all you have to do is write something positive about somebody or something or somewhere, then fill out the box below. It is so easy and seriously, if you knew how much work it took Andy Merrick me to get this Mr. Linky working right, you’d really want to play along.  Just cause you feel sorry for Andy Merrick having to deal with me.

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