Pouring one out for my blogmies.

That’s bloggers + homies. Just so you know.

See, here in the metro area (ok, let’s be honest, here at RiverStone Church), we have a little blogosphere of our own. And tonight was the first installment of what I hope is many more to come- Blog2Face. Actually sitting down and having real life conversations with people that we FEEL like we really know, but probably don’t.

At least, I think that’s what happened. I was unable to attend due to tonsils (or lack thereof). So, this post is the typed version of a homage, or “pouring one out”, as we say on the streets, for my blogger friends from RiverStone.

Check them out:

Brad: the strong, not-so-silent type. Wife and two kids. All cuter than he is. Spiritual example to many. Plays drums like a rock star. Probably my favorite Brad on the planet.

Bill: Again, cute family. Smart writer. Good friend of many that I respect, though we have had minimal face time. (Hence Blog2Face). Soon to be good real life friend though, I’m sure.

Heather: Don’t resist the urge to crush on her, fellas. I know you want to. Smart. Sophisticated. Professional. Ghetto.

Tatum: The sister. Actually more humorous in the last 2 weeks than the first 26 years I’ve known her. Probably the meds.

Matt: FUNNY. One of my favs. Really knows how to put a wheel on a burrito. And I mean that sincerely.

KTB: Rare blogger, but don’t judge. She’s quite the lady. Organization and kindness. Those are her code names at the CIA.

Sean: Cool older brother type. Artsy. Smart. Deep thinker. Loves the Lord and his family.

Jesse: Fellow class of 98er. Good guy. Fun to be around. Makes great jokes. Believes in blog quality over blog quantity and I respect that.

There are others, but since they, along with myself, were not in attendance, I can not, with good conscience, pour one out for them. But next time we meet, and we WILL meet again, I will be there, so will Caroline, Aunt Jennie B, hopefully McDooj, and really anyone who feels the pull.

And this is my penance for missing Blog2Face. Put up an embarrassing picture.

So my most recent struggle, as I’ve mentioned, has been sleeping. And through some research last night I discovered that the main cause of the excruciating pain has been sleeping with my mouth open. So, in hopes of tonight being my first full night of sleep since September 13th :

Pam Downs to the rescue.

Save your applause ….. and laughter …. for the morning. I’ve got to get some sleep.

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