When I get home from youth group tonight, I promise you will receive a full blown blog.

But until then, here is some amazing reading material about the guy I heard this morning, Peter Xu. He is called the “Billy Graham of China”. He is the founder of the largest home church movement in China- over 20 million people. Can you even register that? Let me help you- there are about 5 million people in Metro Atlanta. Four times Metro Atlanta. Good gravy.

He has been imprisoned multiple times for spreading the Gospel and now lives in exile in Los Angeles- as in, if he goes back to China, he will be put in jail. Because he is a Christian. So he lives in LA.

And this is his ministry. It’s an amazing concept- sending Chinese Christians from China down the ancient Silk Road back to Jerusalem and surrounding countries (Muslim, Hindu, and Islamic) to share the Gospel.

More to come…. including Crowder and Wickham videos, UGA stories, times with the Chittom family, and some photos from today. Crazy weekend. Quite bloggable, if you ask me.

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