Pure inequity.

It’s just not fair.

My younger sister Tatum and I both got haircuts this week. I’m going to let you see the pictures and you can decide who gave the hairdresser a high five and who gave her a one finger salute.

Still not sure? Ok, that offends me a little bit, but maybe this picture will help.

Yep. Poor Tay-tay. Got the ole “I love acute angles” cut. I’m a math teacher and I’m telling you, that’s about a 42 degree angle. (Tatum says it’s obtuse. Angles are in the eye of the beholder, I guess.) Honestly, I don’t think it is that bad, but she doesn’t love it. I told her she’s lucky; there are people all over the world who wish they had that much hair. Example numero uno- our father. But I’m not sure Dad would trade his quasi-baldness for this math masterpiece. Tatum, I start teaching geometry in March- will you come to my class?

I thought it would be an AWESOME idea to take a picture of myself this morning pre-haircut. Truly, I think of you at 5:45am. It’s sick. And it was an awesome idea until I saw what a picture of me at 5:45am looks like. But I figure if Tatum gets to look that rad, I can put up a mildly scary blonde picture.

That’s really the joy of this haircut. The color. Brown is all the rage. [Because if there is one thing that I am, it is fashion forward.] Notice I’m also wearing my favorite fleece. This, my friends, was no accident.

Please excuse my sleepy eyes in the pre-cut picture. The time I have to rise is bad for my health, I’m convinced.

And because life is hilarious, Tatum just muttered to herself as she walked out of my room, “Oh, this haircut is the bane of my existence. I bought Mane ‘n Tail. It’s not just for horses. There are human directions, too. It makes your hair grow faster. I googled it last night, what to do when you get a bad hair cut.”

So through my uncontrollable laughter, I asked to see this Mane ‘n Tail.

The best tip on the back?


Remember that, Tatum. You’d hate to have rapid hair growth in your mucous membranes.

*and before anyone poops a brick, Tatum has edited this before I posted it. Listen, we’re not in middle… ahem… high school anymore.*

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