Put some faces with some names.

Y’all.  Frothy Monkey is my local coffee shop.  Come on!  Remember?  It was in a Nash-video.

Anyways, here’s the best thing about this time of year, or so I’m told.  All the dudes and Lady Antebellums that go out on tours for the other eleven or so months of the year are home.  So that means all the road widows have their husbands here and all the single ladies get to start working it.

[Did I just say that out loud?  I didn’t mean it.]

But I have had a week where we took quite a few pictures and I think it is time you met some of the friends that God has handed me.  These are in no particular order and I am not in love with any of the boys mentioned or in the pictures.

[I just find that important to go ahead and put that out there for you to prevent having to deal with any awkward comments.]

hollie2Here’s Hollie.  She is really good friends with the girl who owns our house, so I felt it was appropriate to force her to be my friend as well.  Hollie is super wise and yet ridiculously fun at the same time.  Riddle me that combo.  She challenges me to be the Annie I know in my head and she can hear the Lord, which I always appreciate.  I plan to force this friendship for the rest of my days.  Cause life is better with her in it.  I absolutely love her.  [And in the background is Sean who, though I barely know him, I’ve decided he is going to have to be my friend as well because y’all.  He is funny.]


Here’s Jason.  You may remember him from a little airport incident.  We have mutual friends in ATL, so he was one of my only friends here for my first few weeks.  I kinda want to cry telling you about Jason- he’s been that much of an answer to prayer.  [But I’m in public, so I’m holding it together.]  He’s the kindest.  He’s the most giving.  He has put up with A LOT from me, including pitiful emails begging for friendship and tears during a football game because I got my feelings hurt.  You heard right, DURING A FOOTBALL GAME.  God bless him. And he thinks I’m funny (I think).  If there is one dude that I want God to pour out every good and perfect gift on, it’s Jason.  He has a whole crowd that I heart- Keith, Shack [oh yeah, you know Shack], Bethany, Christina, Wendy, Alexis, Emily, etc.

marisabetsyYou’ve met these girls.  Marisa and Betsy.  Probably my Nash-Bfries, along with Annie Parsons, of course.  But I just feel like I fit with them, know what I mean?  Our personalities work well together and they let me be me. My friendship with these girls is steady, constant.  One of those that is day-in day-out goodness.  Almost as soon as I got here, they both grabbed hold of me and for some crazy reason, they won’t let go.  [Probably cause I’ve got a death grip on them too.]  Betsy’s roomie Jan is one of my favs as well.


And Annies.  Well, they just make the world go around.  You know Annie Parsons, she’s the bomb.  But I have myself a new and wonderful Annie.  This one.  She’s married to this guy. [And he said I should blog and tell you that we are friends.  You don’t have to believe me, but it’s true.]  She is kind and quiet in spirit- two qualities that I want to learn from her. And how to curl my hair- she’s really good at doing hair. I have only hung out with her a couple of times, but she reminds me of the verse about being the aroma of Christ.  When I talk with her and Dave, something in my spirit says YES and it makes me want to spill all my secrets and cry on their couch.  [Jason probably wishes I would.  And I may.]

Brooke, on the left, is someone that I relate to really easily, especially when it comes to God stuff.  brookemereHer and her husband Justin [that’s fun to write, they just got married on Friday] have been my lifeboat more than once.  They are the kind of people that I can sit at a meal with and laugh and cry and get mad and agree and disagree and then plan when to hang out next.  I will hold on to them for a long time.  Because I want my kids to know them.

Meredith, on the far right, loves so well.  She is a pursuer in friendships and that is what I needed desperately when I got here.  This fall hasn’t been especially easy for her either, but she was concerned with my heart and my needs so much of the time.  I’m super grateful for her.

katieThis is Katie.  She’s a nurse.  She is a connector, an includer.  When I had no people, she gave me her people.  [If you look at the December picture from this post, you’ll see Katie’s people.  I heart these girls mucho.]  She’s sweet and loving and funny and outgoing.  We moved here about the same time and have both kinda completely fallen in love with our worlds here. And when I cry during worship at church, I can always bet that Katie’s sweet spirit has been moved like mine.  So I don’t feel so crazy. She lets people in and it makes them love her.  [Her brother has become a fun friend as well, but you don’t have to believe that either.]

Then there is book club, my freelance BFFs Skip and Dave, the Pennsylvania boys, my accountability group [which seriously, I can’t even discuss because I will, as BigMama says, UGLY CRY, right here in Frothy Monkey- it is that sweet for my heart].  I just don’t have pictures of them.  And there are others… please don’t be offended if I missed you, Nash-friend.  I was just using my December/January pictures.

This may be the longest blog I’ve written in a while.  If you made it this far, congrats.  You’ve read 1000 words.  Sheesh… too bad I still have 1000 more to go today. But I owe you a week worth of posts AND sometimes I treat my blog like a journal.  And writing of God’s faithfulness and His goodness towards me is a good reminder in the future.  Compare today to this blog post 5 months ago.  Same God.  Different girl.

Do I still love my bfries in Marietta?  ABSOLUTELY.  But God has handed me a world here.  I’m listening to Bebo Norman right now, and he just sang “Mercy, weep over me…. Majesty, be merciful with me for my eyes have seen Holy.”

And now I’m crying in public.

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