Red eyed biscuit napping packer.

Here are a few more pictures from Mt. Hermon. Because I wanna, that’s why.

Linda, did you have salad for lunch?

And, I’m going to need you to look closer at this book that someone wanted us to pay $10 for- “How to avoid computer related injuries”. Here’s a clue- don’t make the computer mad and it won’t try to injury you. Duh.

Here on the left are the roomies- Anissa and Valerie.

And here on the right is Robin Jones Gunn, myself, and my friend Rachel. This was after a long and life changing discussion regarding hobos.

I’m back home now.
Flying the red eye from California to Atlanta is not cool. At all. Famous people jet from LA to NYC all the time on this type of flight. I discovered that the red eye is one more reason that I am truly grateful that I am not famous. That, and the crazy amount of money I would hate to have to sort through, all the free goods that I would have to store, and the endless hand cramps for autographs.

That was my first mistake- flying overnight. My second mistake? Laying down when I got home at 7am. [That, of course, after my chauffeurs Ashley and Marie took me immediately from the airport to Stilesboro Biscuits so I could again infuse my blood stream with Southern flavored grease.]

I laid down for a short nap at 7am and woke up at 4pm. Oh boy. Something tells me that we have what we might call a “rough night” ahead of us. And here has been my afternoon- sending what feels like at least 30 emails regarding Nashville, eating Chinese food, searching Craig’s List, catching up on the blogdom, packing to move……

Ok, by “packing”, I mean mainly in my mind. I have every honest intention of physically loading boxes with my stuff, but that hasn’t happened yet today. To put a positive spin on it, I have totally thought through how I want to pack. So in my mind, my home is full of carefully packed and labeled boxes.

Doesn’t that count for anything?

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