Summer is rather revealing.

This morning I had a breakfast meeting to discuss some very important things [such as house remodels and costumes] and then another very important meeting at church [do we make the kids eat the whole can of beans or just hold them in their mouth?]. This entire time, my dear car was sitting. Basking in the sun.

Now you may or may not know this about me. But I tend to err on the side of “messy”.

So my car, being the mirror image of my life that it is, also is a smidge messy.

And when I say “messy”, I mean “for the blog girls to ride in my car on Saturday, I had to throw piles of junk in the trunk.” That kind.

A messy car basking in the sun for a couple of hours can be…. well…. revealing.

Because when I got in my car after my meetings, let’s just say it didn’t have that new car scent. In fact, either my car cooked itself some lunch or something hazardous has melted. Heat has revealed that something is rotting. Inside my car.

The smell is not super strong. It’s not like a “Oh my dear week old Taco Bell burrito!” smell- mainly because I never have burrito leftovers. Obviously.

It’s just a nagging smell. Something being just a bit off. Just enough to make me wonder if there is a small sliver of banana peel under a seat. Or maybe something plastic has melted [this is Georgia- that can happen] and now has gaseous fumes rising from it’s puddle? Not sure. But whatever the mild stink it, you can be certain of this.

It is not bad enough that I want to stand out in the blazing sun and clean my car out.


Give it another day or two, when I have to roll down the windows just to be able to breathe, and then I’ll clean it out.

Update- it was tomatoes. Tomatoes I pulled off an Arby’s Turkey Sandwich. Let’s just say as soon as I went back out to my car to go to the next location, the heat had intensified the smell considerably. So a clean out was necessary. Eww.

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