RIP Hair Straightener. RIP.

It is with a heavy heart that I bring you this sad blog post.

My straightener, old faithful, constant companion, finally went kaput two weeks ago. I know. I know. I should have told you sooner. But the pain was a bit too much to bear.

You see, I murdered it.

Not on purpose. No, I would never. I need it too much. My hair is what I have lovingly named “ugly wavy.” And there is a lot of it. I mean whoa lots o’ hair. [As you can see in this photo from Saturday’s Girls of Grace event in Jackson, I have lots of hair and my hair was having some issues. It would NOT get out of my eyes. Don’t even get me started.]

Here’s what happened to said straightener.

I plugged it in when I was in Scotland.

I know. I know. A smarter more sophisticated gal would have known that was a bad idea. But me? I just went for it. And when it made a loud popping sound and left a tiny V-shaped pile of soot on my towel where it was laying, I should have known it was a goner.

But I packed it and brought it home anyways.

Two weeks ago in Phoenix, I plugged the old boy in to no avail. No lights. No heat. No straight hair.

So today, in honor of the straightener that is no more, I raise my glass of morning orange juice to the dearly departed straightener.

We had a good run, my friend. A really good run. Seven years. Seven homes [I wish I was joking]. Many a morning together, me at a cool 98 degrees, you at a toasty 170 degrees. Thanks for the memories. And the straight hair.

Also, I’m sorry I threw you in a hotel room trash can in an unfamiliar city. Hopefully you’ll find the brave little toaster and join the society of discarded household appliances.

. . . . .

Sister here is gonna need to get a new straightener. You ladies have any recommendations? Online deals? Coupons? Products I should use instead of a straightener? Share your hair wisdom.

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Let's be friends!

Stay up to date with our weekly newsletter. It’s all things fun with Annie.