Scabs scabs go away…..

As if y’all wanted another Tonsillectomy 07 update.

But I mean, really, what else do I have to write about? The travel between my bed, the bathroom, and the sofa? The amount of television I have managed to squeeze in to 7 days? The fact that I psychotically attempted to boycott my meds tonight ….. until the pain got to be too much? Yes, I know I’m tough. You don’t have to remind me.

As previously mentioned, Thursday was supposed to Scab Exit Day. Apparently, they like where they are at and they are refusing to budge. Not cool.

And when the doctor says “days 5-9 will probably be the worst”, that sounds a lot shorter than it feels. So I say on Day 7.

On the upside, I have never enjoyed being at my parents’ house more. Tatum made me laugh so hard tonight that I almost bust a scab. That’s rare. There has always been this part of me that cried when I left home- when I went back to college after Thanksgiving, or even just a weekend at home. I was always so sad to leave, even though I loved Athens. I thought that would change when I moved back to town. But now that I live in Marietta, sometimes I still cry just when I leave after eating dinner here. I think it’s because the older all of us have gotten, the better we’ve gotten at being family and friends and sisters and daughters and parents (and comedians, apparently). And it makes it one of the best places to be. It will be sad to leave ….. whenever those scabs leave.

But part of me wants to stay here; I know it’s mainly because I haven’t fixed a one thing for myself and my sweet mom has practically been my servant.

Next month, the adenoids are coming out, folks! Get ready Mama!!

(TOTALLY kidding)

AND…. Mom and I have a new favorite show. A kinder, gentler, more educational version of What Not To Wear. It’s on the Bravo Network. It’s called Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style. Check it out next time you lay on a couch for …. oh I don’t know …. 150 hours, give or take.

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