Sean. The Bach. Let’s chat.

I love crazy.

You’ve got to love crazy if you love The Bachelor.

And no Sean, I will not accept that rose. [Unless you mean it then duh I totally will and you can whisk me away to Texas and we can live forever and ever amen.]


Let’s say this first: Emily blew it by not picking Sean. I’m fairly certain she has thought that at some point today as well. And yesterday. And she will on Monday night. And etc. Because come on he is wonderful. Just look at his instagram. Underlined Bible verses make me smooch my computer screen.

I mean, they make me WANT to smooch my computer screen.


So far, two episodes in, this season hasn’t offered quite the crazy / insane women experience that we are used to, and I am grateful for that. Most of these girls seem like actual normal gals, besides the fact that they are on The Bachelor.

Here are my favorite gals:

Kacie B. = man, I love this girl. I loved her on Ben’s season, I love her more here. What a brave chick to know Sean, already be friends with him, and still make the call to ask to be on the show. Hilariously, I just realized she’s “Kacie” this season, no need to be “Kacie B.”, but old Bach-names die hard, don’t they?

Desiree = Her name doesn’t fit her, but she is pure adorbs. Their date this week? With that prank and then dinner and then BFF conversation? I was practically offering her a rose on his behalf.

Tierra = I know. She’s supposed to be the bad girl. But listen, after what we had to live through with Courtney, I actually think she’d be kinda nice to be friends with. I may disagree next week when the ambulance apparently comes to get her? I hope she fakes an injury- that would be a new touch.

Lesley = I like that she has a brain and works in DC. I also thought she was so sweet on their group date. She gets two thumbs up for being nervous and yet a wee bit forward.

Here are some thoughts from the first two episodes:

– The wedding gown out of the limo? I didn’t love it, but I respect the creativity.

– This week’s group date was weird. I think the model girl is quickly becoming my least favorite.

– Sean is the cutest, isn’t he?


– I mean, that yoga girl who went home on the group date? Namaste, sister.

– Kacie celebrating / motivating the yoga girl to leave? A little slimy, Kacie. Not your style.

– Girls were much more controlled with their beverage intake at this second rose ceremony, because during that first one? Some of us were not in our best form, were we, ladies?

[Remember that guy who fell asleep at Emily’s first rose ceremony? That was awesome.]

– I’m a big fan of the show, but it is going to have to get a little more interesting for me. Truth? The girls and I will still get together every Monday night, don’t worry about that. I just hope there is a little more to chew on in the future.

Lucky for us, there is a medical emergency next week.

. . . . .

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