Since you last saw me….

I turned 33 and totally forgot to tell you about it.

It was an awesome night. It had been raining in Nashville for days [and the smell that still lingers in my basement proves it], but because God is gracious and compassionate, we had beautiful skies for my outdoor birthday-ness.


(Photo stolen from Carlos Whittaker’s instagram)

I had a dairy-free cake and a yellow dress and friends and a huge red A and a cute baby behind me [do you love her or what?] and really, what more can you ask for?


(Photo stolen from Amber Lehman’s instagram)

Then I went to the beach.


For five days.

And read books. Lots of books.

I wasn’t totes alone the whole time, some family friends were down there and a few Nash-folks were vacationing, and one of my besties let me stay at her house so she came for a few days too. So I got to see people. You know me, totally alone for five days is more a torture than a vacation. I like to talk. To people.

I came home last week and rearranged my living room and bedroom because … do I have to have a reason? I caught up with friends and started watching Call The Midwife. [Do you watch? Should we discuss?] Then one of my lifelong BFFs came to Nashville FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE FIVE YEARS I HAVE LIVED HERE and finally met all the people that she hears stories about.

Meet Molly. She’s adorable and wonderful and now all of Nashville loves her.


It was a super fun weekend. Like, one of the best. And having lived here five years exactly, that’s over 250 weekends to choose from and I still say this was one of the best.

In my people’s news…

Your favorite intern Connor hit his FIRST MAJOR LEAGUE HOMERUN! If you live anywhere near Grand Rapids, please go watch a West Michigan Whitecaps game and cheer loud for Connor on my behalf. Thank you. [Though I will be in those stands cheering myself in a few weeks and I cannot wait.]

My sweet bestie Hillary had her baby Eisele [said “eyes-lee”] and all are healthy and wonderfully beautiful.

And that brings us to today.

Happy Tuesday.

We’re about to release the Speak Love Pre-Order stuff which is BEYOND awesome and I can’t wait for you to see! We have so many things to discuss now that I am rested and feeling like Annie again… including, but not limited to, a PCOS update, books I’ve been reading, plans for Speak Love, and seriously- has anyone else seen Season 1 of Call The Midwife?

Also, we could discuss The Bachelorette, but I think Des is a bit, I’m sorry to say, boring. But are you watching this season anyways [like we are obviously]?

How’s your summer so far? 

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