Skip Hopkins

I love this dude.

Not in a give-me-a-ring-cause-I-want-to-share-a-house-with-you kind of way.

But in a my-life-is-better-because-he’s-in-it kind of way.

Seriously. Is he not the most darlin’ friend? I know, ladies. I know.


And he’s a super talented photographer.

[And maybe his bio was written by a blogista that you may or may not know.]

Here are a few samples that he’s kindly allowed me to steal borrow for your viewing pleasure.

This is one of my favorite of his wedding pics. I said this to Skip: “Skip. When I get married, PLEASE take a picture like this of my dress. Or, if I never get married… well, let’s not talk about that option.”


And here is a great photo of a musician here in town. I said this to Skip: “Skip, you have never made a v-neck look so good.”


Skip also does some work for Lady Antebellum. This is the coolest pic that I’ve seen from this shoot. I said this to Skip: “Skip, when I learn to sing, will you take a picture of me doing this just like Charles? Cause he looks like he means it.”


I seriously LUH-HUV Skip’s photos. There are tons more on HIS BLOG, so I totally think you should go there and check it out. I’m gonna warn you, if you click over there, you’re going to want to have a few minutes to look around, cause he has some absolutely beautiful stuff.

If you’re getting married, or just want a legit Nashville big deal photographer to take pics for you, Skip is your dude.

Enjoy. Nothing better on a Tuesday than an internet distraction…..


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