Smile, Wednesday… uh… Tuesday.

So that whole video about getting my license was so dumb I couldn’t even expose you to it. It would have been wrong. Trust me. I care about you too much to make you watch 4 minutes of my idiot self, in my car, discussing the ups and downs of our government departments.

Instead, here’s how I spent my weekend. And there are a lot of pictures, so we’ll pretend like it’s a Smile, Wednesday. Is that okay with you? Don’t be confused though… it’s only Tuesday. Because on Wednesday, I have to go to bed early because on Thursday, I GO TO AFRICA. Oh wowsa.

Let’s not think about the fact I haven’t packed and haven’t even really shopped for the trip yet. Instead, let’s just look at some pictures, okay? Thanks.

And obviously, these were all taken with Anita the iPhone. She’s a champ. A real gem.

Memorial Day Weekend photos begin now.


Oh, you know Marisa and Betsy.

And this was my view of Nashville from our hang location, The Icon.  Yeah, tough life. I know.


Here’s how Betsy feels about our Memorial Day hang.


We also had a b-day party for Phil and Emily. And I was rather proud of my cupcake cake. I had to figure out a way to feed 24 people, so I thought pre-portioning the dessert was the way to go. Though I did take a little heat from some friends for the massive amount of icing. [Those holes in the cupcakes were for candles. Not more icing.]


I mean, really. I’ve never heard the term “too much icing” before, so I don’t exactly know where that line is. Forgive me. Or congratulate me. Whichever you feel more appropriate.

Didn’t scare Andy away though, did it? We like to call him One Bite Merrick. [At least we do now that I labeled him that.]img_0262

And this is when I asked Betsy, “How do you feel about the fact that we leave for Capetown in just a few days?”


Yeah, me neither.

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