SoCal is SoFun.

It’s an ugly joke train, but I’m gonna keep riding it as long as I’m here. I’m editing a fairly hilarious video currently, so that will show you most of what we’ve done. But I also have a few great shots.

For some reason, Sarah and I thought it would be a good idea to take Hope on the ferris wheel at a outside mall. Y’all. They have rides at a mall. It’s like they’ve mixed a country fair and a strip mall, shaken out the white trash, and added a dash of totally rich. That’s the malls in SoCal.

Hope gives the face to express how my heart feels sitting at the top of the ride. Because there has to be a better way to load a ferris wheel than to fill three cars, take them to the top, and hold them there while they SLOWLY load another three cars. Could someone get on inventing a new way to do that? Seriously. Before I get on one again.


Then I followed up by making a new friend at the Merry-Go-Round. What happened to the days when the animals you rode were smiling horses? Mary Poppins would cry all the way back to Cherry Tree Lane.
But he’s a good lookin’ fella. Sure, the people around thought I was “interesting” when I took this picture. But that’s how us Southern girls roll, y’all. Photo with a fiberglass tiger? Yes and amen.

Dear Middle-School Annie,
Congrats on getting to fulfill your life long dream of being on Baywatch. Minus the red suit. And the actual act of having to rescue anyone.

[If you judge me for watching Baywatch every Saturday of my young adult life, you need to know I feel no shame. And if we lived in Germany, I would still watch it every Saturday. Cause it’s still on there. Ich liebe The Hoff. You heard me. I love him.]

A lot of the rest of my pictures are of Linda and Sarah’s kids, and I don’t feel totally great about loading my blog with pics of other people’s kids. But let it be known that I have had nothing short of a BLAST here this week. I like Southern California a lot, but I love my friends. They could have lived in ArmPit USA and I would have still come to see them and had a great time. It’s nice to talk with people who love to write, but who are my real friends even if I write not another word ever.

I mean it when I say this. I was so scared to go to Mt. Hermon alone. But I went. And asked God to show up for me. And He did. Three months later, I’m blogging in Sarah’s living room while Chad puts the kids to bed. I sat around an in-ground fountain watching Linda’s boys run back and forth. I eat lunch again tomorrow with Shannon. I am surrounded by His goodness.

Hi. My name is Annie. I’m moving to Nashville and I’m not scared anymore.

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