Some things about some things.

I stole that line from Sophie. She’s profound.

#1-> When I woke up Wednesday morning, there was a splinter in the palm of my hand. I have no idea where it came from. Did I do a handstand on the wooden porch in the middle of the night? Maybe. Whatever I did, it pains me greatly. There is nothing that feels more awesome and horrible at the same time than pulling out a splinter with tweezers.  If you possibly know how I got this splinter, could you let me know? Until then, gloves.

#2-> I didn’t know this, but my friend Seth is a really awesome singer. Maybe you should check out his myspace music page and see what you think? I personally have strong like for the song Never Know.

#3-> Someone tried to tell me that moose are really fast when they are “in a rut or having a baby”. Is that true? The friend said I texted like a moose. I thought the implication was that I am slow, but he said actually it is that I am really fast. Do I have any moose experts in the crowd? Speak up.

#4-> I’m in a bit of a challenging season in my life, professionally, personally, all of it.  Not bad, just living in a season that is worth fighting through. Know what I mean? And as Dave Barnes says [and Marisa reminds me] “The prayers of the saints, they can do what most men can’t, God bends His ears just to hear what they say…” So if you had a spare moment, just say a quick one for me.

#5-> Lady Antebellum’s new video for “I Run To You” is on  It’s good, y’all. Real good.

#6-> I’m going to tell you a joke cause really, it’s been so serious in this place the last few days.  I know, I don’t blame anyone but myself. And the government. [I don’t know why, it just seems to be the right thing to say.]

This is my favorite joke of all time.

What did the zero say to the eight?


Thank you, folks.  Tip your waitresses, try the lasagna. [Don’t blame me, my dad does stand-up comedy.  I was born with this stellar sense of humor.]

#7-> Happy Thursday. I’ve always loved Thursdays.

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