Speaking of…..

the David Crowder Band, a local radio station (which shall remain nameless, but swims in the sea) was playing a great Crowder song this week. And when the song ended, the most annoying morning DJ in the world said, “…and that was the David CHOWDER Band.”

And that station is now dead to me.

Because that is ridiculous. CHOWDER? Who are they playing next? Thirst Day? Gracious. So I’m through with them. Not to mention, those DJs talk too much….

Speaking of talking too much, my friend Tyler and I have been in an interesting discussion on the length of blogs. How long is too long? Jump over to his blog and share your opinion…..

Speaking of opinions, I have a lot. Especially about books and music. So I just decided that I would put a list over here in the side bar so that you can just click and buy from Amazon. I’m a giver like that. But really, I highly respect these artists and authors and want you to know them. And that is the truth……

Speaking of truth, I do not prefer April Fool’s Day. Everybody, seriously. As Uncle Joey would say, “Cut. It. Out.”…..

Speaking of out, good night.

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