Well, seven of us are sitting around my kitchen table. My friend James is telling us a lot of stats from his honor academy, and telling us all the things he’s not allowed to do- such as watch rated R movies or listen to secular music.

(I can’t really make a joke here without seeming un-Christian, even though a joke is easy to make in my mind. I’m just trying to be appropriate, okay? This is me ballet dancing. [see blog below]).

Here are some stats about the group of people at this table:

1 out of 7 may have Terrets Syndrome.

1 out of 7 has a poorly grown mustache, and it is not me.

2 out of 7 are still in high school. Don’t they have a curfew? Gah.

4 out of 7 are females. Not a good ratio for my life plan, but whatever.

3 out of 7 are arguing about marriage at the honor academy. I don’t even know why- none of us are married. (See above concern)

2 out of 7 have completed college and know what it means to have a very red face. Drunk. (WE aren’t drunk, that’s just what it means to have a really red face- we call it “drunk red face”.)

2 out of 7 do not live in the ATL, and so we are pleased to spend time with them.

Oh man, Ernie just walked in. All these stats are officially void. This is the challenge with statistics- constantly changing, folks. Constantly changing.

I’m sorry to waste your time.

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