Taking a little off the top.

Of New York state that is! We’ve driven approximately 300 miles in 26 hours and we could have given New York a buzz cut with our straight line across the state.

Here are the highlights so far:

1. I was sitting in the hallway of an office in Rochester when I hear one woman say to another, “so we’re headed to Nashville this weekend. Know anywhere to eat?” Yep. My jaw hit the floor. I was all, “oh sheesh. Do I go admit that I heard a conversation that I wasn’t invited to BUT share very vital information that could change this woman’s Nash-experience or do I just keep sitting here quietly?”


I think we all know what happened next.

I made two friends in the Rochester office and now they know the very ins and outs of my town.

I should make commission from the city of Nashville for that one.

[Then I invited her to hang out with us in Nashville this weekend. Too far? Maybe. But she was really nice. I’m sure my friends will like her.]

. . . . .

2. My friend Esther has never been to the USA and because I am my father’s daughter, I insisted that she get some local fare. So we pulled into a diner in the smallest town we could find and the fact that every person in the place knew each other meant we were at the right place! It was delicious.

Esther has pancakes. I had a biscuit and gravy. I dare you to blame me for that choice. You know you would have done the same.

. . . . .

3. I love that Starbucks are consistent. It’s like taking your favorite blankey on every vacation.

. . . . .

4. I am in Canada. At Niagara Falls. And no one warned me of the casinos and silly people. But they are all here- waterfalls, slot machines, grown men in tight shirts and spiky hair. A lot of spiky hair.

Esther and I both had set our hopes too high on the ole Falls. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they pour a lot of water. But they are a bit smaller than I expected. None the less, I was thrilled to see them in real life.

. . . . . .

5. I’m glad we’re only staying in Canada for one day because OMG HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT MY CELL PHONE?!? I forgot that things would change here until I got a text that said something like, “Hey Annie. It’s gonna cost a billion dollars if you call someone and just a million if you send a text.” So I turned my phone off.

. . . . .

6. I’ve taken a handful of pictures, but the other problem in Canada is that my internet is weird so I’m going to have to upload them later. Because I’m sure you’re waiting with bated breath to see pictures of falling water and then pictures of me in front of falling water.

. . . . .

7. Upstate New York is unbearably beautiful. If you’ve never driven the backroads of this part of the country, I highly recommend it. Esther and I have had multiple jaw-dropping moments. Also, hilarious, I say things like, “look at that old house!” and she’ll say, “that’s old???” because the houses are built in 1900 instead of, you know, 1200 like the UK has to offer.

And then I remember that our “history” is awesome, but not so much “old.”

. . . . .

Between now and Thursday night, we see Buffalo, Utica, Albany, and everything in between. If you know of any must-stop places of highlights or good restaurants or good ideas…

share on, my friend.

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