Teacher pinkie finger.

So there are a lot of people who read this blog (and who live on earth) that do not teach school. For you, I present this insight into the educational world. This is what we at Woodstock Elementary call “teacher pinkie”.

You may notice the dark patch on the top knuckle of my finger. (Yes, I have quit biting my nails.) In present day classrooms, chalkboards are nothing more than a memory. Instead, we have white boards. The problem with my white board is that it is dirty. Really dirty. There is a lot of residue left over from worked-out math problems and illustrations of the six simple machines. The issue lies in the particular eraser that I am using right now- it doesn’t take off the marker ink, it just spreads it around, not really clean it.

The most wonderful teacher I’ve ever known was Mrs. Childress- I student taught with her for 2 semesters at Bramlett Elementary School in Winder, GA. My first day, I asked her how she managed to write everything on her white board so perfectly straight. And on that day, she taught me the greatest teaching trick… maybe ever. “Put your pinkie down, Annie, let it lead you and you’ll write straight across the board”, she said. And then she proceeded to make me practice…. a lot.

So thanks to her, I live my entire school year with this constant area of dark grey on my right pinkie finger from where it slides across the board as I attempt to write in a straight line. And as I looked at it today, I thought, “I should blog about that.”

I also thought, “I seriously think it is time to clean my white board.”

Did you know that one can clean a white board with baby wipes? I’ll be doing that on Friday.

Did you know “pinkie” can be spelled with an ie or a y? Neither did I.

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