Tell me something good.

That’s not really a good explanation of this post, but when Chaka Khan gets in your head, you can’t get her out. Am I right or am I right?

[Oh Monday. You’re gonna be a random one. I can tell already.]

I spent all day Saturday at the Killer Tribes conference and it was awesome and I’ll tell you all about it soon.

But do you know one of the hugest take aways for me?

I kept thinking about how much I really like you.

My friends who read here every day are a special bunch and I’m really grateful for you.

Today, I’d like to come to your blog and read a post you really love. I feel like I don’t know all of you as well as I’d like and I’ve got a lot of time today to peruse the internet and read what you are writing.

So if you have a blog, I want you to leave a link in the comments below to a great post you’ve written recently. That way, I can read up on how you are and the other folks that gather at this corner of the internet sky can do the same.

Remember to link DIRECTLY to the post.

It’s not self-centered to do this. It’s sharing who you are with us. Tis a good thing, my friend.

I’ll start.

This is my very favorite Top 5 Friday post: my favorite books.

[See how I linked to the post, not just the blog? Yeah. Do that.]

Your turn! Share with all of us a good post from your blog and we’ll all pop over and check it out!

Let's be friends!

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