Thanks to Cankle.

You Cankled-Out yet?  Last one.  I promise.

Last Wednesday afternoon, after I got home from the ER, I tried to find an orthopedic doctor in town.  I called my church to see if the secretary knew of any doctors in our congregation.  No luck.  So I put it on facebook and twitter- “somebody help me find a doctor!” [Oh modern technology, I heart you.]

Robyn sent me an address and phone number for Vanderbilt’s sports medicine department, I called it and made an appointment.  I’ve already told you how much I Luh-huved! Dr. Awesome and how she is the greatest orthopedic doctor I’ve ever wanted to be bfries with in my whole life.


The most amazing thing happened Sunday morning at church.  Because not only is Dr. Awesome my neighbor and fellow Frothy Monkey patron, she and her family GO TO MY CHURCH.

Let me tell you why that amazed me and almost made me cry at church.  Since Cankle 08 started, heck- since I moved to Nashville, the enemy has wanted me to feel alone and unloved and uncared for.  [P.S- he wants to do that to you, too.] But God, in His amazing ways, has instead overwhelmed me with care.  [P.S- He is always doing that for you, too.] Though there is nothing that replaces a Mama [my Mama, particularly], my friends have come pretty darn close with this Cankle thing- repeatedly offering to take me grocery shopping, bringing me popsicles, walking slow as Christmas with me so I don’t get left behind, calling to check in, you name it.  It’s been sweet.  Really sweet for my soul.

And then the icing on this cake is that Dr. Awesome goes to my church.  Because what are the chances that in a city FULL OF GREAT CHURCHES, we go to the same one?  Or in a building FULL OF PEOPLE (like 1,000), I would walk in right behind her?

It was a moment that God took to remind me that He doesn’t overlook details. And that what the enemy has planned to be my defeat, well, the Lord makes those His greatest victories.

Not just for me.  But for you, too.  Cankle or not.

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