The Bachelorette is over.

I gave you an extra day to watch Des’s finale, so be warned that we’re about to get supes spoiler up in here. Because I really want to talk about the entire situation and whoaaaaaaaaa.

So. Stop here if you don’t know the crazy of the final rose ceremony. Or, you know, if you had better things to do with your Monday nights all summer.

[Which, by the way, our Zumba class was real low on numbers Monday night and the dancing stranger beside me and I jointly decided it was the finale’s fault. So. Yay for us. More space to shake it.]

Now to Des.

You guys.

Let me back up and say while you know I love all things Bach, and originally I was excited about Des being the main gal, and I would totally be her friend if she asked, honestly we [our 6 season strong Bach-watching crew] found her boring.


Listen. Brooks. Who can even DEAL with him?!? What a total heartbreak. That was terrible to watch but man, the honesty on both sides was refreshing. For a few minutes there, as they walked from the dock, it almost felt like they forget they were on television.

[Dear Bachelor franchise, sometimes I need these people to forget they are on television because they are trying to fall in love and I know I’m making it worse by consuming the goods, but nonetheless I need human emotions not swayed by cameras thank you.]

I didn’t think I cared that much until I watched him decide to leave and seriously, didn’t you think he was coming back? I totally thought he would come back for the finale!!! BUT HE DID NOT.

He didn’t.

And suddenly her eyes are opened to Chris? Oh man, I dunno. I think that is a hard right turn, but matters of the heart- who can judge?

But she sure was TOTALLY IN LOVE with Brooks and saving her heart from Brooks and then he is gone and she decides to marry Chris?

Also. Can we just say. Her brother is the absolute worst and should not be allowed on television. He’s mean. Just plain mean. I know they had a tough upbringing and all that, but get friendly, dude.

So. Her ring is beautiful. She seems happy.

After The Final Rose…. 

Man oh man. All we really need to talk about is the three minutes that she and Brooks sat beside each other and still, somewhere in their hearts, there was love. The real thing. And two broken hearts sat on that stage realizing they missed each other forever.

When he saw her ring? It was all over his face- the sadness. The surprise. The regret.


And I don’t think I know a single girl who can’t relate to a good thing going bad and no matter how much you’ve moved on, sitting beside him on a couch would make your heart do a heart thing.

So I feel ya, Des. I feel ya.

Finally, JUAN PABLO. 

Here’s to a whole season of looking over to your friends and asking, “he’s so cute… wait… what did he just say?”

Now… your turn!

Thoughts on Des’s season and finale? Excited about our next Bachelor, Juan Pablo??

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