The birth of forgiveness.

I went to Buckhead Church this morning, and the worship leader said that. “The birth of forgiveness”. I had never looked at Christmas like that. But that is so what it is. The birth of forgiveness, the birth of hope, the birth of joy, the birth of what matters most. Beautiful. Jesus is.

If I could type all that was in my head, in this moment, you would say one of two things:
1) Wow.
2) TMI. (too much information, for those of you who aren’t hip to the lingo)

Neither one are responses I want today, so unfortunately I can’t be the open book (open screen?) that you are looking for.

I’ll tell you this- I have never trusted God more than I do right now. And that is not based necessarily on my circumstances or what is going on around me. It’s what is going on in me. The peace that is filling my heart. The desires that are birthing in me. The old things that are dying and the new that are being born. (Not literally- that’s every other friend of mine) The moments when what is going on between Him and I is more personal and deeper than I thought was possible. The experiences that put me on my face in worship or in pain- but all from Him for His glory.

Who is this God, that He is mindful of me? That He knows me so personally and intimately that one single tear from my eye can move His heart? That my laughter is His joy? That He has numbered my days and is directly involved in every part of my life?

Tonight, it amazes me. It makes my heart want to beat out of my chest.

Christmas is the birth of all that. I love Him.

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