The Constant Gardener.

As I got home from school today, the sky turned a dark blue, almost hazy purple, and sharp lines of white light zigged and zagged through the sky. I unhooked my hanging baskets and set them in the yard for what I hoped would become a free watering session. (Did anyone mention to God that I’m an even address in Cobb County so He’s really only allowed to water tomorrow? Guess not.) And sure enough, by the time I got in my house and looked out the back door, rain drops began to be visible on my cement slab. I smiled. It’s been too long, I thought, since we’ve had a good rain. I think I’ve needed it as much as my flowers, shrubs, and cute hanging baskets.

The rain, the thunder, the wind, the lightning- they combined in such a way that it was a textbook summer afternoon rainstorm. Awesome. And I started thinking about my plants and how they were getting watered and the phrase “Constant Gardener” came to mind.

The wheels started turning and I thought, over the sound of the rain pouring in sheets, how God had never really forgotten my plants. He is constantly taking care of them- cooling the sun each night, warming it each day, shading with clouds or trees. He seasons the Earth in such a way to allow for growth and death of beauty in flowers and trees.

John 15:1
“….and my Father is the Gardener.”

And it amazes me how life reflects nature (or maybe nature reflects life?). Because God is MY Constant Gardener too. He’s either turning the soil to begin something new, planting the seeds of a new lesson, carefully watching as something grows, watering when dry, pruning when needed (though unwanted usually), or collecting the flowers that have grown into a beautiful bouquet to bring praise to Gardener (coming soon!). I may not see Him working in the garden, or even feel it, but often, like this kind gentleman in the painting, He hovers over each flower, inspecting it closely, and diagnosing in His mind the very BEST thing to do next. A good gardener could tell you that- not one bloom goes unnoticed. But neither does one weed. It is all under the watchful eye of a LOVING and COMMITTED Gardener. See, the garden isn’t the one responsible- the GARDENER is- it is His duty and His deal to make things grow. He desires it. He wants it to happen. He’s committed to growth.

And this is not just for me- YOU are his favorite garden spot. I had a conversation this morning over mini-bagels that I know is God turning the soil in someone else’s heart. I listen as friends experience pruning, deep cuts that are painful but necessary. I’m experiencing in my life the planting of new seeds and the dear care of young flowers blooming, slowly but surely.

Today, I needed a cool rain for my parched heart. No matter where you are- planting, pruning, growing- you needed this rain today too. Things bloom brighter and fully (and quicker!!) when they have had a fresh rain. I’m depending on that.

Ask Him to rain on you. Rain His LOVE, His forgiveness, His salvation, His goodness, His friendship, His heart.

The rain has stopped outside. In fact, I hear some birds discussing the situation right now. And somehow, out my window, everything looks a more vibrant shade of green than it did 30 minutes ago. Funny how a rain purifies and brings out the best for all to see.

Oh, how I love my God. My Constant Gardener.

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