The Final Rose. Some final thoughts.

For starters, if you have NOT seen the finale, step away from the blog. I’m going to spill all the beans from last night.

First of all, Women Tell All from last week.

Tierra. She is just a pile of crazy. And if you think she is really engaged to a human, you are a kinder soul than I. That child pure wasted her 15 minutes of fame.

AshLee. You know, AshLee and Sean’s convo about her accusing him of saying that he had no feelings for the other two girls? It has been widely discussed around our Bach-circles in Nashville and honestly, no one really knows what to believe. Maybe he got swept up in the moment and said that… twice? Maybe she took his words to mean something different than he meant? Maybe she is cuckoo? I don’t know, but I was sorry she went out like that.

Now for Monday night’s episode.

First of all, the live stuff? When Chris Harrison is interviewing the audience? That part makes me feel weird, like we live in the Capital from the Hunger Games books, like we as a people consider pain and heartbreak entertainment.

[Ahem. I’m gonna leave that alone. Just making an observation.]

Here was my favorite part of all three hours of my Monday night television watching: when Sean and his mom were talking about which girl he should pick and she starts to cry, Sean’s face gets LEGIT concerned and walks his mom away from the cameras.

That boy. He’s a keeper.

I really loved when the girls got to meet his family. Seriously, y’all. Don’t you just want to KNOW them? I mean, I was all teary both times Sean’s dad spoke to the girls. Isn’t it sweet to see a Godly family represented well on television?

Also, I just feel it my duty to make sure you know that Sean’s sister Shay has a blog and it is awesome.

I’m not good at recapping every detail of the episode and honestly, I don’t really want to. But I’ll say highlight moments:

  • Lindsey taking off her shoes to walk away from the rose ceremony
  • When Sean told Catherine he loved her
  • Shay’s son saying, “Emily didn’t pick you”
  • Sean crying when he re-watching his engagement
  • Catherine’s face during her engagement… hilarious, hyperventilating, etc.

Low points:

  • Lindsey’s voice [sorry]
  • Chris Harrison’s interviewing skillz… off the mark last night, bud.
  • Lindsey’s final rose ceremony dress [sorry again]

Overall, I was sad for Lindsey, I am happy for Catherine. I really really hope they make it- it seems like they will. You know, when Sean said that he spent the whole week praying and asking God to show him what to do, I believe him.

This New York Times article is really interesting, about the resurgence of The Bachelor and how this season has had such a boost in ratings, and I think it is 100% because of what a good guy Sean is. Huzzah for ratings going UP when a Bachelor is honest, kind, openly Christian, and not knockin’ boots in the fantasy suites.

[We discussed last night the future of the fantasy suite situation- have Emily and Sean removed the coolness of having relations with three different people on television? Possibly. Could be interesting to see what happens the next time a Bachelor/Bachelorette uses those rooms as ABC intends.]

I’m sad this season is over. It was terribly fun to watch.

I made a promise to myself that I would no longer blog about people that are famous that I hope to be friends with because then it may happen [this is Nashville, things happen, remind me to tell you the Mumford story sometime] and I will feel silly that a real life friend can read blogs I wrote about him/her before we were real life friends.  But I shall break that promise for Sean. I hope I get to be friends with him and Catherine, even though I blogged about them. 🙂 I have a blog. His sister has a blog. We’re practically besties.

My final thoughts?

Three cheers for the best season of The Bachelor yet. Three cheers for a Godly man staying true to himself [as best we know] in this process and restoring my hope that every bachelor won’t be Ben. And I am genuinely glad that Sean seems to have found the woman he will marry.

And I am praying that Sean’s influence continues to grow and that God continues to be honored through his life.


. . . . . .

So what are your thoughts?

Happy with the outcome?

Do you like Sean? 

Do you think he and Catherine will make it?

What was your favorite part of last night’s episode?

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