The Gold Dress.

For you new-er-ish AnnieBlogs friends, I went to the Grammys in 2010.

Here is why I got to go to the Grammys.

Here is a recap of my trip to the Grammys.

One of my favorite parts [believe it or not] was picking out the dress. I saw it hanging on a sale rack, nabbed it, and later was told that I had the best luck ever because the gold dress was a TADASHI.

[Of course, I had no clue what a TADASHI was, and I still kinda don’t. But I do know now that it is the name that I say when anyone asks about my Grammy dress.]

I made a video about the whole dress process.

Here is a photo of the gold dress, me, and Hillary on the red carpet.

It was absolutely one of the greatest experiences of my adult life. Truly. Not because of the famous stuff or the free stuff, but because it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. And I really like once-in-a-lifetime things.

Anyways, so fast forward from 2010 to 2011.

My dear friend Amber calls and says, “can I borrow your Grammy dress?” and I was all, “uh, Ambo [cause we call her that sometimes]- why do you need my dress?”

And before she could answer, I immediately said yes because I cannot imagine another day in my life when a stylist will call me and say that she needs to borrow something out of my closet.

Unless the photo shoot is featuring the look of “slowly catching up to fashion but still a good 5-6 years behind.” Cause I am ROCKING that look right now.

A few days later [this was in February], Amber sent me a picture on her phone and said, “DO NOT BLOG ABOUT THIS YET.”

And where was that gold dress?


Y’all. I was dying.

MANDISA. From American Idol and a zillion other amazing performances.

So Amber was the stylist for Mandisa’s photo shoot for the new album What If We Were Real. And Amber had Mandisa wear my dress.

A dress I picked out all by myself.

Now that you can google and see a picture of Mandisa in my gold dress [MY GOLD DRESS!!], I have permission to blog about it.

Good gracious doesn’t Mandisa look great in that dress!?! Her skin tone is perfect for it [vs my pale self] and the gold/blue/brown glimmer is stunning on her.

Also. She loved it. She tweeted about the gold dress. And I just had to sit quietly and squeal in my mind.

This is the proudest fashion moment of my life.

And I can say that with humble assurance, because I am currently wearing jeans from Old Navy and a Georgia Bulldog t-shirt [and matching socks] that I purchased in 2005.

You’re welcome.

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