The internet is a giver.

I know why you come here every day.

Because you want to learn.

If AnnieBlogs is anything, it is educational.

[Yeah right.]

But as I’ve been tooling around the internet, I’ve found a few things to share with you…

Prepare your heart to learn many-a-thing today.

. . . . .

–> Mac Powell is going country. Y’all. His new stuff is so good. I heard it myself… as proven in this picture taken by Mandisa [hi back of my head!!!] You can listen to JuneBug on his website. I cannot WAIT for this album to come out. Ugh. I’m ready! MAAAACCC! GIVE US MOOOOOOORE!!! [that’s my whiny voice… my friends hate it.]

–> While I am not a mommy blogger, I was really moved by this post over at Grace For Moms by Kristy Chowning called When Later Becomes A Lie.

–> Well, here is something that I never knew at all about how to burn a candle. Thanks to Womanista, I am a better burner. I am forever changed. [Did you guys know this already?]

–> Some gals and I just finished Beth Moore’s James Bible Study. I was hesitant to do this one- I don’t like that James always tells me to control my tongue. [Issues. I have them.] But man, this study absolutely changed me and I take back all the bad things I said and nasty rumors I tried to spread about James. I loved it.

–> If you like world history, you have got to check out Crash Course: World History. Seriously. Each episode is crazy entertaining and educational… like a date with me. [I gotz the jokez today, y’all.] If you are more of a scientist, there is also a Crash Course: Biology, but I personally hate science, so I don’t watch those. But you can. I’m not the boss of you.

[Except I do not hate the water cycle… evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection. When I taught school, we had a rap about the water cycle and it was the only science lesson in the whole school year that I liked teaching.]

–> Mark Driscoll just put up an awesome blog post about the difference between a Christian and a non-Christian. Super informative.

There is absolutely one more thing that I wanted to tell y’all about but I cannot for the life of me remember what it is. Oh man, it is going to frustrate me all day.

. . . . .

You got any new cool links to share?

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