The ole girl got a face lift.

And no, this is not some personal plastic surgery announcement.


I’m talking about AnnieBlogs here. Now, I haven’t gone and done something crazy like a redesign [I mean, if it ain’t broke… or better said, if I wasn’t broke…]. So I guess it’s more like a renovation, an addition.

So face lift is wrong. Just wrong.

But I’m not changing it. I don’t wanna.

Just to be completely transparent with you, it’s 12:45am.

So I’m in that funny state between complete exhaustion and completely hyper and I made a promise to myself a few years ago that I would not blog during such a time because it never fails that I regret it yet here we are.

Blogging in the wee hours.

And….. we’ve lost focus on why we’ve all gathered here today. I blame myself.


This whole facelift thing.

We have a big week here next week [BOOK.LAUNCH.] and so I wanted to make sure we were all dressed to the nines.

Part 1: I updated my ABOUT page. Because up to yesterday, it still said, “I’m working on my manuscript.” No. No I’m not. Which leads to….

Part 2: I added a BOOKS page. And when you go to [you know, the old book title], it sends you straight to the BOOKS page. I made it plural. A girl can dream.

Part 3: I added a SPEAKING page. And when you go to [you know, the old speaking title], it sends you straight to the SPEAKING page.

So if you are a subscriber, or someone who lurks on only the main hub here, today is your day to branch out. Be brave. Click around.

And I have to thank my blog boss Lauren because that girl can make my blog obey like a well trained dog. For me, I change one piece of code and the thing falls off it’s axis. But when Lauren is here, all things remain calm and happy and obedient. If you need a blog boss, you need Lauren.

Now, I must go to sleep. Really. Must.

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