The technology of a snoozle.

First of all, I love that y’all love the Grammy thing. Crazy, right? More to come. Don’t you worry about that.

Now. Let’s talk about what important.


Some friends showed me a new app for the iPhone this weekend. It’s called Sleep Cycle. And y’all. It. Is. Cool.

You set it. Lay it down on the bed beside you. And then it will chart your sleep cycle through the night and somehow, magically [or scientifically, but I’m a big fan of magic] it knows when to wake you up so that you are in the lightest part of your sleep cycle.

Genius, no?

Now, my homeopathic doctor would probably not love that I’m sleeping with my phone on the bed. But magic [science] requires some sacrifices.

I’ve had the app for three nights and because there is nothing that I withhold from you, here are my sleeping charts. And I’m going to need you to not judge the hours I’m sleeping. I’m a freelancer, remember? I work until late at night. It’s very creative and artsy… and stupid.

Saturday night


Sunday night


[I know. That was way too late. I felt it. Again, don’t judge.]

Monday night


Tell me that is not fascinating. Here’s what I noticed on all three- I fall asleep super fast. See how quick it drops off? And see how on Saturday night I fell asleep and then woke up about 20 minutes later? Yeah. People shouldn’t send text messages at 2am. Rude.

And the music it plays when it is waking you up is so sweet and polite. Very anti-alarm, which I appreciate. The only downside I’ve seen so far is that there is no snooze button- so as I usually set my alarm about 40 minutes before I want to get up, I have to instead set if for when I really want to wake up.

Now I truly have no idea if this is true or real or scientific [magical], but it’s fun. My friends who showed me the app are married and they don’t feel like it works real well when you share a bed. So, take that into consideration. [And you better believe I added that to my “reasons it’s cool to be single in 2010.” It’s a short list that I am willing to throw away at any point.]

Anybody else have Sleep Cycle? Or is there another cool iPhone app that I’m missing out on?

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