The time has come.

For a haircut.

It started with this question [the red one] during the Q&A session at the retreat where I spoke last weekend….

I know. Hilarious. [Trust me. There were a lot of serious hard-hitting make-you-take-a-deep-breath kind of questions too. I didn’t photograph those. I prayed over those.]

Here’s how I answered “Has your hair always been that long?”:

  1. No, my hair has not always been this long.
  2. Here’s how hair works: it grows, you cut it, it grows again. And repeat.
  3. I think I hear what you are actually trying to say- “Annie. You have too much hair.”

I told the girls from the retreat that I would get a haircut.

And then I got home and saw this picture on facebook.

I mean, whoa y’all. Sister has got a lot of hair. It’s long. I don’t usually see this view of my hair because, you know, it’s hanging down my back where I do not have eyes.

But I had a revelation seeing this picture yesterday.

That’s too much hair for me.


I’m getting it cut tomorrow and I want you to help me decide what to do!

Rule #1: No bangs. The summer is coming and they will just be a grease collection zone.

Rule #2: I don’t color my hair.

. . . . .

Here’s one example of what I like: long layers. With summer around the bend, I want my hair to feel light. Right now it is like having a lion pelt on my head.

Here’s another thing I like: everything about this. The natural curl, the length, all of it. My hair does not curl pretty like that. It has a weak wave in it that kinda gets more weird and less pretty.

[I know. Congrats to me.]

But gracious I think this hair is gorgeous. If my hair would look like this every day, I would be in a continual state of crying with happy.

Do you have more ideas or pictures of awesome long hair cuts?

By the way. I’m not doing this. Not ever. No siree, bob. [Literally.]

. . . . .

Your thoughts?

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