Who woke YOU up this morning?

I thought I heard my roommate ripping up paper.

At 5:30am.

You know that feeling of waking up and knowing something weird is going on? Yeah, I had it.  My heart?  It was beating like a drum kit.  Because something was NOT RIGHT.

So I heard this paper ripping sound, over and over again.  I finally sat up.  The sound stopped.

That’s when all the panic thoughts started.  Is there a person in our house?  Is someone hiding in the hallway outside my door?  What is my roommate (let’s call her “Jamie”) doing that is making this sound?  My mind was going 100 miles an hour.  And then the ripping sound happened again.

Yep.  Definitely in my room.

That’s when the panic escalated.

I reached over and turned my lamp on, and as I did, the sound began to happen repeatedly- rip rip rip rip.  I was looking around the room but not seeing a thing.  I stood up, and saw it.

A small brown blob jumping around in the GAP bag at the end of my bed.

A mouse.  A MOUSE.  Trapped in the GAP bag.  Trying to JUMP HIS WAY OUT.

I threw my bedroom door open and ran full tilt out of my room [because I am very brave] to Jamie’s room because I thought this fit in the “wake me up any hour even though we’ve only lived together for a month” category.  And Jamie?  She’s gone to the gym.

Why, pray tell, does anyone go to the gym by 5:30am, especially when there is OBVIOUSLY an emergency at home?  Gracious.  I call her cell phone and leave a message with these exact sentiments.  More colorfully stated.

And then I grab my camera because nothing alleviates fear like thinking, “This is so bloggable” and behaving as such.  I pull the few pieces of clothing out the bag so I can get this shot.

I’m borderline freaking out this whole time, mind you, so each piece gets quite the shake before I bring it out of the GAP bag.  Because can you imagine the depth of the heart failure I would have experienced had I pulled the mouse out of the bag?

For you animal lovers, I will have you know that I grabbed the top of the bag and rolled it down like a sack lunch, while the mouse was doing triple sow cows in there, and just tossed him outside.  So he lives.  He’s lucky.

Here’s how I’m lucky:

1) I’m really glad I went to the GAP this week and got a new pair of jeans.  And I’m also glad that I left the GAP bag in the middle of the floor.

2) I don’t know how the mouse got in the bag.  I’m just really glad he didn’t fall off something and land in my mouth.

3) I’m glad it was a mouse and not something slithery or human.

4) I’m glad I love the book The Tale of Despereaux, because I just kept telling myself it was sweet little Despereaux trapped in my room.

After the incident, I sat down at my computer, put on the soothing melodies of The Gabe Dixon Band and tried to calm my heart rate.

Because nothing says relaxing morning like Gabe Dixon with a side of small rodent.

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