The blue light special.

I told you a few weeks ago about our little Study Buddy group. My friends Derek and Justin are both in seminary at Vanderbilt so they have to write these SERIOUSLY long and intense papers. [The brains at the table are unstoppable. I bring down the IQ significantly. But I bring the beauty factor up significantly too, so it all balances out in the end.]

And much to my advantage, the dudes work better at night. So about once a week, we head to the Vandy Student Center where we sit and focus on our computers and whatever is in our headphones; once an hour or so we take a two minute break to discuss important things like premier league soccer and middle names.

And last night, latkes. Because that’s what the Jewish center was offering students for free. The boys said they were delicious. I passed- the idea of eating fried potato at 1:45am seems “counter productive” to me.

And with that history in place, here is where the story picks up. Because as this was unfolding, I actually texted Justin and said, “Moments like this are EXACTLY why I have a blog”.

So I got there first last night, around 10:30pm. In just a few minutes, I see Justin drive up and make a u-turn to park behind me. Within one second, literally, blue lights are flashing and a Vandy cop is on his tail.

And if you know me at all, you know my immediate reaction was PANIC. Was I being pulled over? Nope. Was I doing anything illegal? Double nope. But because I have a deep DEEP fear of police, my heart began to race and my palms began to sweat.

Then I get a text from Justin- “I’m here”.

Huh. Ya don’t say? You know what? I actually noticed. Because at this point, not only has he been pulled over, there is a cop at his door, the passenger door, and another squad car pulled up next to him.

[Wow. Vandy cops take illegal U-Turns REALLY seriously.]

Because the cop made Justin GET OUT OF THE CAR. At this point, I’m not laughing at all, but I am grateful for this ole blog cause I’m thinking “this is going to be a GREAT story”.

Here’s what’s running through my mind as I see my friend (and Bible study leader, by the way!) walking a straight line heel to toe:

  1. If Justin goes to jail, I do not even know where the jail is. This could be a problem.
  2. His fiance is going to KILL him.
  3. I know he’s sober, he just led our small group one hour ago. And he doesn’t drink.
  4. Will I have to go to jail because I know him? [Irrational, but cops have that effect on me.]
  5. I hope they don’t search my car for drugs. I mean, I don’t have any, but knowing my nerves, I would cry so much that they would think I do.
  6. Do I really know these guys as well as I think I do? Maybe he IS a criminal.

In the end, he was released into my custody with just a ticket for being a crappy driver. Which I will never [no not ever] let him live down.

And really, there is no point to this story except to say I am still a little unnerved from the whole experience. And I love my study buddies.

What about you? Ever been pulled over? Ever walked the straight line? Don’t tell me too much, seriously. I will get all sweaty and nervous just reading about it.

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