They used to be friends.

At Cross Point Church, we are studying spiritual warfare. The Unseen Series is awesome [so far] – you should check it out.

Pete is teaching through Jesus’s time in the desert when He was tempted by the Devil and helping us to identify the ways that the enemy is trying to tempt us in our own lives. Good good stuff.

I’ve grown up a Christian and have read this story many times. But, just like the Bible seems to do, something different has been coming to mind this time as I read the story.

Before Satan became Satan, you know- back when he was an angel in Heaven, I bet he and Jesus used to be friends. I mean, they’ve known each other for a long.long.long. time.

So when he saunters up to Jesus in the desert, this isn’t some strange scary demon that Jesus is seeing. For us, it would be super freaky and scary. But for Jesus? It’s His old friend, turned evil and manipulative, but His old friend nonetheless.

And when Satan kept making offers to Jesus, to turn stones into bread, to be super powerful, or to be rescued if Jesus jumped off the temple, I have to wonder what was going through Jesus’s mind. Because He was human- temptations were real for Him. What must it have felt like for this guy, who at some point was on Jesus’s team, to be tempting Him and speaking to Him?

Obviously, we can only guess and discuss, but I would love to hear your thoughts. What must it have been like for Jesus? Do you think it was more painful because of who Satan used to be? Do you think it was easier to say no than if it had been a stranger? Do you think any part of Jesus was hurt or sad to see it come to this?

What do you think?

Let's be friends!

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