Things that are hard in Ghana….

putting a picture on a blog! Geez. Ok, so here is the Mozley family, for those of you who don’t know them. That way, when I say “Anna”, you’ll know I mean the beautiful 17 year old girl on the left. Next to her is Michael, then Maggie- she’s 14 and so cute and funny. Then is Mommy Claire- she’s awesome. Then Luke- or Lukey-boy as he’s known here. We’re sitting together today at lunch. Kind of a highlight of the trip for me.

So we went to a huge market yesterday. I bought a drum for Justin (Eddie LOVED picking it out because he LOVES Justin!) and I bought one for the mission auction. So go ahead and start saving your money, cause it’s also picked out by Eddie and it’s gonna cost a LOT of money. 🙂

The funniest thing that happened yesterday was this- we were shopping in this market and walked in to a lady’s booth. Now, everyone here thinks that is it cool to be a Christian, or at least cool to talk about Jesus. This lady totally thought it would bring her business, so as we’re shopping around, she starts singing “Jesus is the answer for the world today”. I wanted to call her out on singing lame contemporary Christian music, but I didn’t think that would really help the Mozley’s ministry, so I didn’t do it. But I wanted to.

It’s so cool to hang with Maggie, Anna, and Ryan. I have nothing more to say about that, but I just felt the need to include that.

We’re headed out to a jewelry shop and Frankie’s for lunch (where I already mentioned I get to sit by Luke) then who knows what else. Oh yeah, we get to go to youth group tonight. I’m not in charge of games, which I appreciate.

Here’s an interesting fact for you- it takes me 2 full days to adjust to being in Africa. I have been joke-less until today. Which is very unlike me. Notice I didn’t say I’m “funny” today- half the time I make jokes that aren’t funny, but you know that already.

And finally, Maggie named one of her kitties after me. Many of you know how much I adore pets, especially cats (sarcasm), but it’s a sweet thought on Mag’s part.

Off to eat breakfast. More pictures to come. If I can figure the dumb thing out…..

By the way, it’s 9:34am here, not 4:34am. I’m not that dedicated.

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