Things you need to know.

1) I purchased a MacBook yesterday. And though I am enjoying it, I am NOT a fan of change so it is tugging at my heartstrings to see my old Dell sitting over there, neglected. I’m sorry, old friend. It was nothing personal.

2) I have the stomach flu. Trust me, that’s all the info you want. Except this- Pedialyte tastes better than the average adult would imagine.

3) The only highlight of today was purchasing a new CD on iTunes. It’s called “Glory Revealed”. It is all scripture set to music with a bunch of awesome Christian artists singing them. It rules. You need to buy it. Today. Seriously.

4) And now, to celebrate the lack of solid foods that I have consumed, I’m going to lay in my bed and watch a DVD on my brand-spankin’ new laptop. Here are my choices-

a) “Finding Neverland”- a classic to me. Fantastic movie. Johnny Depp. Enough said.

b) “Pride and Prejudice”- the new one. My favorite scene is when they are the only two dancing. Oh Mr. Darcy.

c) “French Kiss”- kind of old school romantic comedy, but I’m getting the spring itch to go to Paris, so it would be a good choice. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t live some sort of rock star life where “I spring in Paris and fall in Boston” or anything like that. I just grew up with Parisian missionaries (shout out to MC!) and we visited them on spring break. So every spring, I get to wishing I was on the Seine River, floating by Notre Dame.

What did you say? Watch all 3? Well, since I already have a sub for tomorrow, that sounds like a great idea. You….. you always have such good ideas.

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